About us

DiscoverME is a partnership group of 14 Metropolitan Essex heritage sites: Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge, Ilford Hospital Chapel, Coalhouse Fort and Park (The fort is no longer open to the public but the park and facilities are still open), Valentine’s Mansion, Thurrock Museum, Valence House Museum, Thames Chase Forest Centre, Rainham Hall, The Old Chapel Upminster, Havering Museum, Eastbury Manor House, Davy Down, Tilbury Fort and Upminster Windmill.

We aim to create and sustain a connection between these sites under a shared brand as a way of engaging communities with key cultural and environmental assets that the area has to offer. We strive to achieve a coordinated approach to promote heritage tourism and engagement within Metropolitan Essex.

At the core of DiscoverME is the sharing of information. Our objective is to be an information hub, both online and offline, that will inspire local communities to visit, learn about and have pride in their shared heritage. Through our website we aim to provide an easily accessible, user-friendly place where the public can find key information on each DiscoverME site, including their fascinating history and exciting upcoming events.

Through our coordinated approach we want to create a cohesive visitor experience to help to promote feelings of local distinctiveness and collectively celebrate Metropolitan Essex’s built, cultural and environmental heritage.

Our DiscoverME heritage sites host a range of exciting individual and collaborative events and activities, make sure to check out our events page and start discovering all that Metropolitan Essex has to offer.